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Allergy Statement

Uppercrusts Catering Services Ltd complies with the Food Information Regulations 2014 requiring us to provide information about allergens in the food we make and serve. Allergen information is available on the labels of pre-packaged food, it is supplied with buffets, on display in our cafeterias and available over the phone.

Our staff are trained to be allergen-aware and diligent in their handling of food stuffs. We strive to minimise the risk of cross-contamination as much as possible but our kitchens are not an allergen-free environment. We cannot accommodate a nut-free diet.

If ordering catering, please advise us of any dietary requirements when booking and we can ensure theses are catered for on separate platters.

Our cake pages include allergen information for each product, and the information is summarised below.

Cake Allergen Advice

While we try to be accurate, the following information concerning allergies cannot be guaranteed. All our cakes are baked on premises where many nuts are used. All our cakes are suitable for vegetarians.

Gluten and Wheat Free

The following cakes are gluten and wheat free: While every care is taken to avoid contamination of gluten-free products, we do also make cake which contain gluten.

Wheat Free

The following cakes are wheat free:


The following cakes are milk-free (includes milk, butter, cream, and whey powder): Note that the chocolate base of Paradise Bars contains whey powder.


The following cakes are egg-free:

Suitable for Vegans

The following cakes are suitable for vegans:


Product Allergens
Golden Sticky Flapjackgluten, milk
Traditional Flapjackgluten, milk
Muesli Flapjackgluten, nuts, sesame seeds
Cherry Flapjackgluten
Double Chocolate Flapjackgluten, milk
Honey and Red Berry Flapjackgluten, milk
Cranberry Yoghurt Sandwichgluten, milk


Product Allergens
Caramel Shortcake (Millionaires)wheat, gluten, milk
Cream Caramel Shortcakewheat, gluten, milk
Coffee & Cream Shortcakewheat, gluten, milk
Strawberry Shortcakewheat, gluten, milk
Peppermint Barswheat, gluten, milk
Toffee Pecan Squareswheat, gluten, milk, nuts
Lantern Cake (Tiffin or refrigerator cake)wheat, gluten, milk
Apricot Slicewheat, gluten
Date Slicewheat, gluten
Oat and Almond Tartwheat, gluten, egg
Rich Butter Shortbreadwheat, gluten, milk
Chocolate Chip Shortbreadwheat, gluten, milk
Yoghurt Peanut and Raisin Squareswheat, gluten, milk, nuts
Dark Chocolate Peanut and Raisin Squareswheat, gluten, milk, nuts
Paradise Barsmilk, egg
Chocolate Cornflake Cakemilk
Chocolate Truffle Browniewheat, gluten, milk, egg
Rocky Roadwheat, gluten, milk
Lemon Barswheat, gluten, milk
Almond Cherry Shortbreadwheat, gluten, milk, nuts
Granola Barsgluten, milk, egg, seeds, sesame seeds, nuts
Apple and Cinnamon Slicewheat, gluten
Lemon and Coconut Barsgluten, wheat, egg, milk, nuts


Product Allergens
Carrot Cakewheat, gluten, milk, egg, nuts
Iced Manhatten Browniewheat, gluten, milk, egg, nuts
Lemon Syrup Cakewheat, gluten, milk, egg, nuts
Country Fruit Cakewheat, gluten, milk, egg, nuts
PoppySeed & Orange Cakewheat, gluten, milk, egg
Milk Chocolate Cakewheat, gluten, milk, egg
Apricot Frangipanwheat, gluten, egg, nuts
Treacle Frangipanwheat, gluten, egg, nuts
Date & Walnut Cakewheat, gluten, milk, egg, nuts
Banana Cakewheat, gluten, milk, egg, nuts
Gingercrush Ginger Cakewheat, gluten, milk, egg
Bakewell Frangipanwheat, gluten, egg, nuts
Sticky Toffee Cake with Salted Caramel Icingwheat, gluten, milk, egg
Gluten-free Lemon Drizzlemilk, egg, nuts
Gluten-free Chocolate Drizzlemilk, egg, nuts
Gluten-free Mocha Drizzlemilk, egg, nuts
Gluten-free Vanilla Spongemilk, egg, nuts
Vanilla Sandwich Cakegluten, wheat, milk, egg

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